Evoluzn Inc. is a wireless broadband devices ecosystem design, development and realization company, formed under laws of Illinois, USA in April 2012. Headquarters of Evoluzn Inc. is located in Schaumburg, Illioins, USA and operates internationally via its In-Country Sales & Support Offices established locally.
Evoluzn Inc. is formed by highly experienced team of engineers with diverse fields of expertise in wireless and wired broadband technologies such as LTE (4G), 3G (HSUPA, HSPA+ etc), CDMA, GMS and Cable access technologies. We are passionate about devices design and development and believe in evolving the existing concepts for broader market reach and being socially responsible. Our modus of operanda is to gather market and customer requirements; device solutions carefully weighing the requirements, features, quality and cost constraints; market test the resultant solutions via soft launch exercises and then fully launch the products in the subjective market. In other words, we believe in building what the customer and users want and are always willing to improve our products and features based on inputs and feedback we receive.

Chief Executive Officer

A passionate and customer driven professional with over 21 years of international experince in telecommunications and wireless technologies, who combines a strong technical background with business accumen, through knowledge of various market's needs and desires acquired from years of multinational product launch experiences. Surya is a well known professional for those in the fixed and nomadic broadband devices field and was instrumental for the success of WiMAX and LTE devices division in his previous corporate job. His vision is to take broadband to comman man every where in the world and strongly believes in the ability of Internet & Communications to relatively improve the opportunities available for every one. As a person, he is also a strong believer of being socially responsible and actively supports initiatives realted to 'education for every one'. To that point, one of the revolution he brought to Evoluzn's board and got approvals for is using a portion of Evoluzn's earnings is any country of operations to sponsor tution fees for capable and bright but not economically fortunate students in the respective country of operations.
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